Decorum in the forums

Hey everyone

There has been some nasty language thrown around the forums lately and some that has involved language of physical harm, slanderous and derogatory language. All such posts have been deleted. I have to remind everybody that the internet is not a lawless land. You are LEGALLY liable and responsible for your words on here. Defamation of character, slander, threats, racist or otherwise prejudice remarks will be deleted. If I find that the nature of the words are sufficiently derogatory, slanderous or threatening I will contact the police. Your IP addresses are recorded. 


I do not want to scare any of you. This forum has many wonderful participants and some great discussion is happening. Your opinion is welcome with open arms. However, your words here are no different than your words in public or written on paper. Please remember to treat everyone with respect, be courteous and keep the forums clean, respectful and welcoming. 

If I have missed something in moderation or has slipped through the system’s filter please contact me at yorkstrike2008 <at> and I will certainly look into it. 

Consider this article about a York student threatening violence on Facebook for an example:


Thank you everyone





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17 responses to “Decorum in the forums

  1. Disillusioned

    I have actually been super impressed with how respectful everyone has been on this site – even when they disagree they do so courteously. I guess I was naive to think there weren’t posts being deleted.

  2. yorkstrike2008

    99.9% of the people on here are great! It isn’t a huge problem. I have had a couple complains emailed to me and one post in particular had some prejudice remarks and some violent language so it had to be removed.

    The strike is a very heated and controversial thing. I know people may get out of hand and say some things they otherwise would not.

    I try to be the best judge of intent but if I find that the person is genuinely planning something I am legally responsible to inform the authorities of that since I am the moderator of this board.

  3. no

    to be fair, the internet is free domain. if you look around the web, people are saying worse things to people than what could be said here.

    empty threats will only make people want to flame more. the police won’t do anything about it.

  4. yorkstrike2008

    I have run a forum before and had someone threaten to beat the crap out of someone else and I had called the police, gave them the IP address and a print out of the comment and they charged him.

    It is for my liability as well. If someone says something like that on a forum that I moderate and it happens and the police find out I can get in trouble.

    The point is. We are supposed to be students of higher education and we should show some decorum here. A lot of people visit this site and the undergrad shouldn’t be getting a bad image rubbed on them. Like I said, 99% of people on here are great. But unfortunately, there are the select few.

  5. yorkstrike2008

    “to be fair, the internet is free domain”

    On a side note. NO. When you look into the internet where do you go yahoo or google? They decide what you get to see.

    Try googling democracy in China or Mien Kampf in Germany…

    Two men own about 90% of the world’s optical cables. Carlos Slim (Mexico), he owns América Movil that owns BCE Holdings and that owns Bell and Bell owns Bell South, Bell Pacific, Bell South Western and so on.

    The other guy is an Egyptian who owns a company called Orion Telecommunications.

    The internet is not “free” domain by any stretch. Not legally and not liberally.

  6. no

    umm, i don’t know what you’re searching, but i can search some pretty crazy things on the internet.

    when you can find a white supremest forum that is slagging races at the click of a button, i’m pretty sure it’s free domain to say whatever you want.

    you’re forum must’ve been pretty dull.

  7. Art

    It’s pretty easy to find right wing neo nazi forums on the web, and that’s because such thing as freedom of speech is guaranteed by Democratic societies around the world. Of course there are limitations to our rights, but it’s very hard to draw the line. Not saying you CAN’T get in trouble, because like yorkstrike2008 said you may easily end up getting charged by the piggies (again, my freedom of speech), but I agree that although “International, regional and national standards recognise that freedom of speech, as the freedom of expression, applies to any medium, including the Internet” – we shouldn’t use any foul language around here.. We are supposed to be University students, so lets act like them, even though this whole strike thing can get a little bit frustrating.

  8. Alex

    I’ve heard from a CUPE member that he was threatened at the picket lines with a knife. By now, we’ve all seen the video of the douchebag almost running some picketers over. I don’t support the union or the administration, but please respect human life. If you want to engage the picketers in debate, please do it in a civilized way.

  9. Milky Way

    Tracking someone via IP address probably works in the 20th century. But with shared connections – it is virtually impossible to pinpoint someone to be acting behind that particular computer. This has been the whole charade of issue behind who got sued in copyright infringement case in the US.

    Mod should still take slander / threatening post SERIOUSLY however reporting them to police seems to be going too far. The thing is, let’s say A threatens B, there is no way A knows who is B and that B knows who is A. Unless B and A know each other or there is a way for A to identify B or vice versa — it is hard to establish that the threat is real.

    EXCEPTION is when A threatens an easily identifiable group of people (lets say the picketers) – then this is pretty serious.

  10. Catherine

    IAW Alex.

  11. ff

    “York student charged with threatening death”

    On Facebook!

  12. York Student

    Wow thats some scary shit!!!

  13. yorkstrike2008

    Thanks ff

    I hope some of you will believe me now.

  14. ff,

    that was a case of B and A knowing each other or A to identify B or vice versa.

    he also stated that the threat is real. he was totally identifiable through facebook…seeing the idiot had a picture of himself posing with a gun.

  15. x

    Wow, honestly.
    Look at what this strike is doing to some people. I don’t check this site as often as many of you, but for one day of news about the strike – the crazy driver, and this threat, this strike is doing more harm to everyone that is not worth the money they are fighting for.
    You never know WHAT people are thinking – what that one out of 50,000 + (staff and students) are thinking and lives could be lost and for what? Money.

    If these people (TA’s, Profs, the university administration, etc) actually care about their jobs, this should mean the education of the students should be one of the top priorities. Not money! Not money, when compared to other TA’s around Toronto and Canada, they are in fact some of the luckiest!

    Clearly they don’t care about how the students feel and our education or our future for that matter if all they are arguing about is money to the point that it is getting in the way of our education/lives.

  16. sunye

    wow…that is scary.. >,,<

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