anti strike rally tomorrow

Subject: Rally monday 10:00am November 17th inside Vari hall

End the Strike at York! Force arbitration, not a hostage situation!

** Student Rally for a Solution **
** Monday, November 17, 2008, inside Vari Hall at 10:00 AM **

The Student Rally for a Solution is just TWO DAYS away! We are sending out one update per day until the rally. In this update, we’re going to discuss four topics:

1. Respect and safety at our rally
2. What about students coming from off campus?
3. What about the weather? What should I wear?
4. Where can I get more information?

1. Respect and safety at our rally

Our rally will be a respectful, peaceful and safe place for us to finally have a voice. We have made a commitment that our rally will NOT be about antagonizing either the union or the university administration. This event is not about them, it’s about us, our concerns and our voice. The rally will be attended by media and a Member of Provincial Parliament who will help to take our message to the government and the public. 

There is another facebook event called “Rally Against York U Strike.” This facebook event promotes a rally for students on Monday at 10:00 AM. The description says “Rally against the TA’s of York.” This facebook event was created by someone else. We have nothing to do with this facebook page, and we have no ability to take it down. We want to be clear that our rally is NOT against the TA’s, the union or the university. It is against the strike, and FOR the students.

Some students have expressed fear that our rally will create a confrontation with CUPE picketers. Our rally is not a confrontation. It is an opportunity to express our views. We will stay in Vari Hall and we will not go anywhere near the picket line. The rally organizers made a promise to the union that we would treat them with respect. We also promised to maintain a safe and respectful buffer between our event and the picket line. We are going to keep our promises and treat other members of the York University community with respect.

2. What about students coming from off campus?

Student living off campus should definitely attend. You are affected by this strike as much as anyone, and you deserve to be heard.

Our rally will take place during picketing hours, so students coming from off campus will need to cross the picket line to get to Vari Hall. Here are a few tips:

* The fastest way to cross the picket line is by foot. People crossing on foot are not being delayed.
* Take public transit to campus instead of driving.
* If you drive to campus, try to park somewhere off campus so that you can walk across the picket line.
* If you do park on campus, give yourself extra travel time because each car is being delayed for about 2 minutes before being allowed to drive across the picket line. The total amount of delay will depend on how many cars are waiting in line.
* If you drive across the picket line, please avoid any antagonism toward the picketers. Stay calm, and wait your turn to drive through. This will help all of us to maintain a respectful and safe atmosphere.

3. What about the weather? What should I wear? 

The rally will be INDOORS at Vari Hall, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck outside in bad weather.

We encourage students to wear clothing that is colourful, attention-getting, and that expresses their views. Feel free to make a special t-shirt. Wear whatever is comfortable for you.

4. Where can I get more information?

Check out our web site:

We will post updates regularly. Also, we will send out one message per day to facebook group members until the rally.

See you at the rally on Monday, November 17 at 10:00 AM. Bring friends!



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39 responses to “anti strike rally tomorrow

  1. Milky Way

    This group claim to be neutral when in fact, they are not. Forcing arbitration = taking side with the university. If they even bother to read the union’s website, probably they will have to change their motto “student for a solution”

    I really don’t mind students siding on the University side, after all people who supported the union have come out the other day. It’s just that how they claim to be a sheep when they are really wolf. Non sense.

  2. Raptors

    Is there an undergraduate in the social sciences or arts on this website who has an average over C on this website?

  3. R

    is the GO bus functioning at York U these days?? are they allowed to pass the picket lines??

  4. York student

    Hi R,
    Buses are going to York U, but they drop people off near the Founders college entrance which is closer to Jane and Steeles. Its a lonnng walk back to the main side of the campus.
    After 7pm, buses start coming to the usual bus loop.
    Hope this helps!

  5. yorkstrike2008

    I have about an 8.0/9 average. Please don’t insinuate that we are special needs…

  6. Laura

    Raptors – I have about an 8.0 average.

    Also, your question was grammatically poor.

    Comment is marked a C.

  7. hullo

    Meh it is jack… This rally will not change anything. I hope this ends soon as we all have plans for summer. Man i was really hoping to attend summer school and now it seems so distant…

  8. UndergradSupporter

    I read the rally website and it doesn’t seem too well researched or positioned. They are taking the same stance as the university (Binding Arbitration) without reasonable research into what it means and how it will affect the campus.

    I also noticed, as I’m sure may of you did, that York’s site says that “Binding Arbitration MAY have students back in class within 24 hours.” Very careful choice of words… no?

  9. nikgs

    Here’s why I think this won’t do anything: Nobody will see it or hear about it. York is empty. Queen’s park or somewhere along Bay St. would be much more effective.

  10. Laura

    nikgs – apparently “the media” (according to the website) will be present, but imo that seems very vague.

  11. nikgs

    yeah, I thought that was pretty vague too.

    Still even if it is well attended by the media, it would do nothing compared to undergrads blocking traffic in the dt core.

  12. Laura

    They already did that with the Drop Fees Rally 😉

  13. ff

    the drop fees rally was under reported, when it was reported, the numbers were under representative of the turn out.
    (not so)Bold Prediction: tomorrow’s rally will be over-covered by the media, and will attempt to portray it as an anti-union rally.

  14. nikgs

    Good point Laura, I guess that must not have done much….

    I’ll still be surprised if this gets anything more than a passing mention though.

  15. Guess Who

    The university has sanctioned this rally which shows that the university is just using this group of students as pawns to deter the union’s goals.

    This won’t affect the union in any way, the union has held a 3 month strike before too, there’s no way they can’t do that again unfortunately.

  16. Jafac

    8.2/9 for me. What I find odd is that you haven’t bothered to answer your own question…

  17. Pedi

    I really hate to say it, but the administration holds all the cards in this negotiation. They are going to wait until the union cracks or the government legislates them back to work. I think CUPE has also damaged their bargaining strength in 2010 by getting to ambitious in these negotiations. It really sucks, but the TA’s are simply not going to get the compensation they deserve. I’m transferring out of this school as soon as next semester is over.

  18. Kris

    Bring the ruckus, I want CUPE to do something against us.

  19. York Student

    No new meetings have been scheduled between York and the Union, right? because after the last meetings (which broke down), Christina Rousseau said that the latest we could all be back to classes would be mid next week. anyone have any news from special sources or something?

  20. Guess Who

    How can you be back in class when talks between the Union and York have broken down?

  21. UndergradSupporter

    @ York Student, I think she said “the earliest”.

    @ yorkstrike2008, could you give us an update on these cold weather shelters?

  22. York Student

    I know that talks between the Union and York have broken down… am wondering if anyone knows whether anything new is set up or not? what happened at that meeting on saturday?

    Again I know that its hard to find answers to such questions but we need to have some sort of a handle on things.

  23. cabby

    there’s talk about them not being able to strike after november 26, but somehow i think that’s wrong… anyone have any idea?

  24. York Student

    what? where did u hear that?

  25. Soraya

    I believe there is no such thing as not being able to strike after a certain day unless the government gets invoved.

  26. York Student

    Yeah I agree with Soraya

  27. flushafleshfarm

    Assume that the strike will continue. One more week and they’ll need to allow a few days for the union to get back to work even if the dispute is settled. We’re not going back very soon. 8.4 BTW

  28. JOhn

    whens the next scheduled meeting??

  29. Yorkie

    I heard somewhere that the senate goes on winter holiday from December 11th until some time in February. Apparently the union will be forced back to work before the 11th or else we’ll be out of school until February! Has anyone else heard something to that effect or is it just one of those crazy rumors that are flying around?

  30. ff

    The Senate usually meets once a month – they meet December 11th, and then are next scheduled on January 22nd – given the current situation, I would assume that they would call a meeting in the event of a settlement to discuss the plan of action. Indeed, one would hope they already have a good idea of what to do in most circumstances if and when they should arrive.

  31. ff

    200/~50000 showed up to call for binding arbitration.

    Why do you think more people did not turn out?

  32. Nathan

    They don’t care, they support the TAs, they couldn’t make it, they already made prior commitments, they had work, they were studying, they went home (in another city).

    Lots of reasons.

    But you’re right, given the tone of those Facebook groups, I expected a better turnout. I’m also surprised that the media isn’t all over either of the rallies staged today. All I’ve found is Joey Coleman writing again and one article on CityNews.

  33. jack

    no news today… interesting.

  34. hullo

    maybe because people have better things to do than wasting their time?

  35. Guess Who

    This strike is going to be a long one. End of story.

  36. nelz

    So is there going to be a meeting between the school and the union this Thurs???

  37. yorkstrike2008


    No date is arranged. The mediator, after Thursday’s fiasco suggested that they take a week off of bargaining…

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