Crazy guy drives through picket lines!



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51 responses to “Crazy guy drives through picket lines!

  1. Dumbass picketers

    the picketers deserve it…i heard that a picketer killed himself in 2001 not allowing cars through….they’re absolutely crazy, completely reckless, and don’t even know what they’re out there for…..the union is bullshit

  2. 1 out of 50,000

    if it’s not permissible to block traffic into the university, why aren’t the police doing anything about the illegal actions of picketers? why isn’t yorku security doing their jobs?

  3. It is permissible though.

  4. The Guy Who Owned All Picketers

    LOL! Good For Him.

  5. Milky Way

    @ 1 out of 50,000

    It’s permissible to RESTRICT traffic to the University which is the whole point of the legal right to strike. As long as the picketers are not blocking the traffic to York completely then what they are doing is completely legal.

    In fact, when this guy drove through and somebody gets injured then potentially he will have problem with the law.

  6. 1 out of 50,000

    They are the ones who put themselves in front of his vehicle. Both parties would be at fault.

  7. 1 out of 50,000

    Additionally, the use of physical barriers is illegal.

  8. ff

    Jane Creba put herself in front of a bullet? She too is at fault…wait a second, I don’t think it works that way.

  9. ff

    I guess I’m just saying – you just got enlightened as to the incorrectness of your previous statement, and now you make an even more erroneous one.

    My point when I’m not being a jerk is, you can’t run people over in your car, even if they run in front of you on the street. You need to be in control of your vehicle at all time. Had anyone been injured the driver could have been charged – something like “assault with a deadly weapon” sounds about right. Maybe one of the Osgood people around would know better.

  10. Nope

    That driver is a complete idiot. I hope someone submits this to the police since I’m pretty sure the guy whose legs were touched by the car has a case against that moron driver. It’s that kind of flippant macho attitude he displayed, with his arms out of the window, that should see him out of his car and surrounded by CUPE members hehe…

  11. s~

    guy shouldve driven faster

  12. UndergradSupporter

    Agree or disagree, no one has right to assault anyone else. That’s exactly what he is doing. Union staff don’t do any property damage. It’s their legal right to strike. Better yet, if you’re going into the university, the fastest way to get through the line is to roll down your window, smile, listen to what they have to say and if you disagree, politely say “I disagree with your cause but I respect your right to protest.” (This is a constitutional RIGHT.)

    Don’t forget, this whole continent was built on people standing up to authority (too bad about the present, eh?) I’m sure a large portion of the Brits thought that the colonies were a big bunch of troublemaker loonies. Not so stupid this time around, are we?

  13. abc

    you people seriously need to get back to school.

  14. 1 out of 50,000

    how on earth are you comparing this to a shooting victim? This isn’t the same thing at all. You’re the one who needs some enlightenment there.

    Those people are seeing this guy plow through the barricade and NOT doing the sane and rationale thing by moving out of the way. It doesn’t justify anyones actions.

    A shooting victim, especially an innocent bystander, never willfully put themselves in danger.

  15. Why did that TA think he could stop a car? Their Teacher’s Assistants not superheroes

  16. yorkstrike2008

    probably because they didn’t think he would drive into them…

  17. adam

    This guy rocks! It’s bullshit to be stopping cars and making them wait. I can’t say I wouldnt do the same thing!

  18. Ams

    Ye, i wonder how they can just block traffic? Uni should do something to make that illegal!

    And that TA’s stupid! Who the hell steps infront of a driving car?

  19. Saira

    You know, I’d usually be pretty horrified if I saw some guy doing this, but this time… GOOD FOR HIM!I’m so sick of this strike, I just want to go back to school. Two major strikes within less than ten years and then that “mini-strike” I guess you could call it, where TAs wouldn’t answer e-mails and offer help outside of class. York is such an embarrassment…I SHOULD HAVE GONE TO U OF T.

  20. ff

    1 out of 50, 000 – it is the same logic. You are to be in control of you firearms at all times. That is why you can’t ‘willfully put yourself in front of’ a bullet, for example. If you fire a gun, it is expected that you aren’t doing so in a situation where another human might be in the way – same with driving a car.
    Adam, this must be the first strike you’ve ever heard of I guess…pretty common to pickets in general, I don’t know why so many people are freaking out. I also don’t get why so many people are in such a hurry to get to a school that is shut down.

  21. Ridiculous

    Because the school is NOT shut down. Seneca @ York is still running. And many people are still working at jobs on campus. Therefore, there is a rush to get to class or work on time still.
    This strike is such a joke. I am sick of the garbage CUPE keeps pitching. I know York is not innocent either, so don’t force that crap on me, but CUPE has gone too far.

  22. 1 out of 50,000

    ff – it’s not the same logic at all. These people intended to put themselves in front of his car. They freely sought to create a physical barrier. Getting shot and placing yourself in front of a moving vehicle are not the same thing. If they were at a cross walk and this guy ran them down, maybe there is one remotely feasible weak link there.
    Also, a gun’s sole purposes is to maim or kill. When you shoot it you expect to injure or kill someone, an animal or a thing. You don’t drive a car around with the sole intent of causing physical harm or death.
    York is still an active campus. There are Seneca classes going on, Schulich classes, departments and offices are still open, business are open; they’re are people who need to get on to campus for a variety of reasons. It’s preposterous to create these physical barriers and frustrate people who need to get on campus in order to make their living and earn a paycheck in hopes that they will support your (outrageous) wage and job security demand. This union is also not looking out for the benefit of all their members. Just looking to set themselves up for a power gain in 2 years.

  23. he totally followed number 1 from my list of suggestions.

    i don’t care how much you justify it, the guy is not in the wrong if someone deliberately blocks your car.

    these people need to realize that this how the 50, 000 + people feel.

    TAs aren’t even suppose to get paid?!

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  25. TS

    If anything, when I am stopped by the picketers to get to my job on campus, it makes me sympathize less with their cause and angers me even more.

  26. ff

    My apologies, the example of Jane Creba was uncalled for. I was trying to use an equally heartless and overly rhetorical example to confront the reaction that many seem to be having to the car and picket line.
    To anyone that it offended, I am sorry. It was a mistake on my part to even bother to engage the discourse that has ensued on this topic.

  27. NY

    YOU GO!!! I would have done the same thing…its outrageous that they are blocking the way of cars…how is that solving anything???? The union and the TA’s are acting like children…if they really want to solve the problem…they need to sit and talk to the school about their situation and what they want and come to a decent agreement…I dont understand how all this is going to solve anything…the union is trying to force their demands upon the school..since when does that get us anywhere? were’nt we taught as kids to say please and thank you???

    lets get this strike over with and get on with our lives…


  28. NY


    The TA’s are making us look like fools…U of T TA’s recently brought up the idea of a strike…and went against it because they don’t want to look like us…

    …We obviously aren’t setting a very good example…people laugh when they hear that we are on strike…the answer I always get is

    “AGAIN?? why does york always go on strike??”

    …They’re making us look stupid…

  29. Basil El-Salviti

    I don’t exactly know how to respond to the drivers actions. They are completely uncalled for though, that’s for certain….I’m against this strike, but the union has a right to restrict traffic…this is a legal strike, they aren’t doing anything wrong.

  30. cabby

    Okay the guy in the car really should’nt have tried to push his way through like that. And he definately should have stopped when the guy was right in front of him.
    But, I dunno guys… on one hand, I agree with their ability to restrict traffic. But I have friends who go to Seneca@York and are having a hell of a time trying to get into campus. One of my friends waited over an hour just sitting in her car. So, it’s not surprising about tempers and frustration starting to show a little bit. They really need to get this sorted out because the longer it goes on, the worse this kinda stuff is going to get…

  31. cabby

    AND for the record, can we please try to remember that not all of the TA’s support this strike? Most of the ones I’ve talked to actually don’t, and never wanted it to start in the first place.

  32. Muffins

    WHO is the guy in the car? He’s SO hot!!!

  33. NY

    when i said TA’s…i meant the ones who are for the strike…im obviously on the side of the ones who were against it…

  34. cabby

    sorry NY, wasn’t directing that at you! i just meant in general

  35. Student voice

    good for him CUPE got what they deserve
    they are holding 50 000 students hostage destroying our quality of education, screwing over international, financial need, residence, and graduate students maybe they should calm the f*** down and let us get the education we are paying for

  36. ts

    Congrats, guy-in-car! Too bad he didn’t get all the way through. Although taking the paper they hand you, crumpling it and dropping it at their feet while making glaring eye contact is probably a better (in that it’s non-violent) way to go.

  37. jack

    I fully support him.

    Like you stood in front of my car on a ROAD after I told you to move?

  38. Amen

    props to that guy.

  39. KAZZA

    ff— you wonder why some of us are in a hurry to cross?? Because we live their, and now by noy fault of our own we are forced to sit a listen to a bunch of bull@# that we dont agree with. so yeah tensions grow and after 9 hours of work I wanna go home not wait. I have not hit anyone but it’s cause my insurance could not tke it so I wait with some tasteless music blasting

  40. ff

    Would you live there if not for the education these people are helping you attain?
    I’m not saying that it is wrong to be frustrated – but perhaps there are better channels for this frustration than violence.

  41. Car Crazy


    Hi Everyone,

    I don’t know about anyone else but I was not raised to think that physically hurting people was a good thing to do.
    My family says that it is not a good thing to do.
    My friends say that it is not a good thing to do.
    My Church says that it is not a good thing to do.
    My society says that it is not a good thing to do.
    My government, i.e. the law, says that it is not a good thing to do.
    My conscience says that it is not a good thing to do.

    Hitting people with a car physically hurts them, thus it is not a good thing to do.

    The only way I can make sense of someone who thinks that hitting people with a car is a good thing to do is if they are:
    without a conscience,
    without regard for the law,
    a religious hypocrite,
    have no friends, and
    were raised by an amoral family.

    If you are such a wretch I pity you. Your life must be a shadowy reflection of a good human life.

    I hope your life can become richer and more meaningful.

    Car Crazy

  42. papermunky

    A picket line is not that different than a mob when in reference to generating the “mob mentality”. Many rational people, such as that TA who stepped infront of the car, do things that they would not normally do when alone. There are too many emotions involved from all sides and heckling the driver I’m sure did not help the situation.

    5-10cm of snow heading for Toronto. Someone bring the hot chocolate tomorrow.

  43. sunshine

    So are they still picketing and blocking traffic? I take courses at the Rexall….which isn’t even owned by York…and I normally take the 106….but b/c of this crap i get dropped off somewhere behind gods back and have to walk for a bout 30 mins to get to the building…..TTC doesn’t mention anymore detours…..they used to…..anyone have any idea?

  44. Jonah

    Yes the picketing is still ongoing.

    Is being stopped annoying? Yes…sure it is. But if no one stopped you (or stopped classes) would you care about this at all? It would simply be someone elses problem. Maybe instead of feeling anger, you should stop and think about the issues and do something proactive to support one side or the other.

  45. OZ

    Only problem was he didn’t go fast enough, shoulda mowed through the crowd, that would teach them.

  46. It is frustrating having to cross the lines every day, especially since their strike has nothing to do with us at Seneca. York University houses more than just the University courses, so I don’t know what kind of sympathy they’re hoping to find. This picket line, which restricts my entrance to Seneca does not encourage me to sympathize. In fact, I would say it encourages me to not support their strike.

    The irony, is that they’re not out there to inform anyone. They stop every car for whatever period of time (5 minutes I believe), however they don’t stop or even look at all the people walking into the campus. If this picket was really about information, then they would be stopping everyone, trying to talk about the issues and get supporters. The fact that they are only stopping cars means that they are there to cause a disruption, and nothing else. I don’t believe its a legal disruption either. Most of the time, picketers will pick a location on the edge of a company’s property, close to a public street (because its illegal to be on the company’s property during a strike). The Pond Rd entrance where they are picketing (one of) is not York Property. That road became a city street a few years ago. I don’t believe that picketers are legally allowed to disrupt traffic on a public road. The whole point of picketing is to put social pressure on the employer, and to inform the public why they’re on strike. Do you really think the University is upset that classes aren’t running? Has the social pressure gotten to them? They’re not losing any money, actually they’re probably saving all the wages that they would have to pay the professors, and get to keep all the student tuition. So whats the point?

  47. It's Bull

    The picketers need to learn some respect too. They’re extremely rude. I don’t even go to York, but just because my campus is in the same vicinity, I was going to be late for my exam. I explained my situation to one of them, and they told me their leader dismissed it as unimportant enough to let me pass. If I hadn’t got out of the car to yell at them, I never would have gotten through. I waited 20 minutes and I think I was plenty patient with them given my situation. An older man got in before me as well when he was initially behind me in the next lane. Why? He honked his horn and yelled continuously till they let him through. I guess being annoying or angry like that is the only way they’ll let you through in a respectable time. It’s getting progressively worse.
    Think of the poor international students at York too. What the hell are they doing? They have to pay for their stay on York campus while the strike goes on? It’s all Bull. There is no respect being presented here and I no longer hold ANY sympathy for the picketers.

  48. G

    I’m pretty sure it’s illegal for these god damn blockades:

    clearly states:

    “Picketers are not legally permitted to:
    -Blockade entrances to the University.
    -Use force, threats or threatening gestures.
    -Construct physical barriers to block access to the University”

    or am I missing something?
    I don’t think pushing them with the car was the brightest choice.. but he should have done what I did, had a real car and revd the crap outa it! Much louder than they could chant their diginities off, plus it got em to let me by without force…

    Please for ****’s sake end this nonsense, the students who are attending classes have better **** to do than walk in circles complain and mop while blockin off traffic and asking for things like this video to happen. Any normal person who’s got serious enough problems to start a circus act due to their job, quit!!

    You’re just giving York University a bad name broskiis!

  49. Jojo

    Why did he stop??

  50. ihatestrikers

    Hey any TA people if you are reading , Everything balances out and that is the course of the nature , You guys arent going any far by wasting our time , money and education. I wish this wasnt Canada but some other country and students could have taught u a lesson.

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