Question sent!

The questions have been sent to the Dean. Let’s hope they become irrelevant by tomorrow and we can go back to school!



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6 responses to “Question sent!

  1. Sarah

    I agree! I hope at the meeting today both sides are able to come to an agreement so we can get back to school and maintain our schedules without worrying about vacation/work being interrupted.

  2. boomer

    when will know about any settlements?

  3. yorkstrike2008

    Well if this went week is eaten up by the strike we will be saying good bye to winter reading week!

  4. Nicole Black

    does anyone know what happened at the meeting today (November 13th)?

  5. aidie m.

    does anyone know how much notice we will receive when the strike is settled? they won’t settle at 11:30 one night and expect us back in class 8:30 the next morning will they?

  6. hullo

    Well these Questions going to be answered alright. Strike will go on until next week it seems.

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