Meeting today

So the University and the Union are apparently meeting today. Let’s see if anything comes out of this.



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33 responses to “Meeting today

  1. sam

    Hey…… does anyone know if they had there meeting already? becuase on the cupe 3903 site there saying York keeps offering binding arbitration? i know thats what they have been offering but is that what they offerd them again or was that the standing offer from before? becuase on cupe 3903 site which was updates today at 1:59 pm is saying no to binding arbitration.

  2. T

    I’ve been wondering the same thing Sam. I also saw the update on the CUPE website but I’m not sure if it was posted after the meeting.

  3. sam

    yeah i dont know anymore , im tired of always looking for new updates i just want to know if we are on stike for a while i can start planning other things like picking up more hours at work if were going back to school okie fine ill do my work and get it out of the way ,becuase this is so annoying and getting me nervous. so if anyone knows whats happening please let me know!!! so i know what to do i wouldnt mind working extra hours making some money!!! if were going to be off for a while.

  4. Bobby

    will there also be an anonymous tipster this time?

  5. joe

    @ sam

    I totally feel the same way.

  6. Relaxo-Grad

    Where is our “meeting insider” hiding? When did this meeting happen (or is it still happening??) Good grief I loathe the hurry-up-and-wait game….

  7. yorkstrike2008

    I have no insider tipster this time guys. I find out when you guys do. I know people who were in the strike vote meeting but this one is between the negotiators.

  8. sam

    hopefully this meeting ends soon and not at 12:00 am becuase i dont want to be glued to this computer all night!!

  9. KH

    the union has just announced 2 GMM meetings- one for saturday and one for the 20th. does this mean that nothing was resolved or just that they are preparing for not settling?

  10. If I have an assignment that is due Monday and if this meeting does result in us going back to school by Monday… do i still hand it in on Monday or is there an extension on all assignment dates?

  11. joe

    I’m starting to get really annoyed with the lack of information about this meeting that they are having.

    I wish someone would tell us something.

  12. Frustrated York Student

    Okay this is really nerve racking. Why the hell cant CUPE 3903 provide some information about the strike so that we can all know what the hell is happening? Its 5:30 already! How long is their meeting this time? 15 hours? Ridiculous.

    P.S.: this comment is directed solely at CUPE 3903 and York Admin. Not at the owner of this blog or any of the commentators here.

  13. Bobby

    we’re all in the same boat- there are no tipsters this time …we are just playing the waiting game.

  14. Carly

    Ok, so I just checked the National Post web site and they are saying the union does not want binding aribitration. No word yet as to the decision.

  15. york student

    i love how it seems that we get info the last even though we are the most effected by the strike!

  16. Frustrated York Student

    @ Agreed.

    To the highly valued Anonymous Tipster,
    Please help us out one more time. We are highly indebted to you!

  17. joe

    @ york student

    yes! exactly!

  18. hullo

    watch the strike gon be over. They have no choice.

  19. yorkstrike2008

    Unless somebody knows one of the negotiators from one of the sides we know when they post it…

  20. ff

    hullo – they = York?

  21. sam

    so is it over or what i dont get it? are they still in the meeting? does anyone one know something the smallest thing at least lol

  22. joe

    @ sam

    I don’t think anyone knows anything yet. That’s why we’re all so anxious.

  23. Relaxo-Grad

    So were these GMM meeting dates a result of the meeting that was held this afternoon? If you read CUPE’s website, it sounds like they are re-adjusting their demands….?

  24. hullo

    No I mean the CUPE. This is really not fair for us undergrads because we cant afford to give up our summer. I run a team and I really need to go on vacation on April and return in may for the season.

  25. Anonymous

    Any news yet?

  26. Anonymous

    Don’t go by me but this is what I have gathered so far:

    The CUPE site said yesterday that they would have a meeting today, Nov 13th afternoon. They posted a message at 1:36 talking about Nov 15 and Nov 20 meetings.
    Also, CityTV didn’t mention anything about the meeting and has been mentioning the strike and residence students going home – this is at 8:40pm.

    Conclusion: Strike is still on.

    But, I am still staying alert in cases there is information to the contrary.

  27. Anita K

    according to the national post the talks have broken down

  28. Soraya

    What is a GMM – Geneneral Member’s Meeting? and what does that mean for us?

  29. jane

    there’s an update on York’s website about todays meeting… its entitled “does CUPE 3903 really want to settle this dispute” and the future doesnt look bright

  30. Basil El-Salviti

    To all those who were looking for the meeter insider, I was at work. lol


    I was trying to contact the dean though, and I just didn’t seem to have the time this time around.

    Sorry guys!

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