Update from Dean Drummond

By Basil El-Salviti

YorkStrike2008 Contributor

I spoke to the dean on November 12th, 2008, at approximately 1:25 pm. The
current state of the negotiation is null, meaning nothing has happened.

However, he did note that both sides have mediators. The mediator on the side of
the union has asked for a meeting as early as tomorrow, though the dean concedes
that he has not heard anything from York. The dean has put in an inquiry and is
awaiting an answer with regards to York’s position on the unions request. I
will be sure to contact Dean Drummond tomorrow to see an update on York’s

Also, in a post I made during the discussions, I stressed that those students
who are interested in contacting the Premier’s office, should a meeting NOT
happen tomorrow, ought to go to the following link: 

I stress the link above because I’ve already tried contacting Mayor Miller. His
representative replied promptly and told me that the issue between the union
and York is beyond their jurisdiction.



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23 responses to “Update from Dean Drummond

  1. york student

    thanks for the update! appreciate it!

  2. Has either side updated their offers yet? Or does it still stand at 9.25% vs. 41%?

  3. thinker

    thanks. but any idea about the chances of the strike ending by tomorrow?

  4. yorkstrike2008


    99.999999% it won’t. Unless they miraculously meet, agree on a contract, hold a meeting vote and ratify it …then no.

  5. me


    how could the strike end by tomorrow if there have been no negotiations yet?

  6. thinker

    haha.. thanks… but like still how short can it be? or maybe how long? like when can we except it to end by the latest?

  7. yorkstrike2008


    That question has been beaten to death here over the last week. No one knows, but we are finishing week one and no one has talked to each other yet. So at least another week, probably two.

  8. sam

    I think that everyone should stop asking how long the strike will last and stop speculating because it throws many people off. The strike could last another day or another month who knows even if they go back to the table it doesnt guarantee anything so theirs no point guessing or asking a time frame, a good thing to do is to stay up to date on all your readings and studies and be ready to go when they say.

  9. yorkstrike2008

    Exactly Sam.

  10. hullo

    k I’m tired of all of these fake meetings and such. We gotta do something to stop the strike because I have many plans for the summer and this better not ruin them. As far as I figure, the strike will go on for a good couple of weeks.

  11. UndergradSupporter

    I don’t want the strike to be over. Not because I want the time off but because I think the union has some very legitimate arguements. I have had some fantastic TAs at York, some that made the class much more enjoyable than the prof did. I support the union in its demands and if it needs to strike longer, it should. Some undergraduates do not understand the severity of the current situation and its future consequences.

    One day, a lot of us will be grad students, bunked down by the ridiculous tuition fees and needing a job that does not involve a counter and refilling the ketchup dispenser. Something meaningful, like teaching and we’ll be the ones being treated like chopped liver by the administration and the the undergraduate students who, just like us, don’t understand the issue.

    To any union member, Binding arbitration is NOT an option in this case nor should it be. They’ll take you for a ride and make the union, a powerful, structured force seem like a sail boat in the ocean.

    The administration gives themselves incredibly high wave increases and expects that everyone will just settle for pennies. I think what you’re doing is great and if you were to give up or give in before you have WON, you’ll set very low standards for the future.

    All the very best to those on the picket lines!

  12. sam

    I dont think that saying the strike will last a couple of weeks is the right thing to say since we do not know anything about it. There hasnt been any news or futher updates to come up with these ideas. I think were better off waiting and seening what happens in the up coming week and then we shall have something to base our judgements on. However long the stike may be we cant do anything about it, so do your readings and whatever needs to be done so “when” we get back your caught up on your work. If and when people have updates we can go on from there.

  13. Basil El-Salviti

    Sam, I believe students can do much more if we actually pressure the two sides.

  14. sam

    probably not as we are just ponds to them, if we had any kind of influence on them there would have probably never have been a strike in the first place. When it comes down to money people get greedy and thus you find your self in such situations.

  15. Jim

    it’s ‘pawns’. A pond is a body of water.

  16. Guess Who

    CUPE is using us students as a means to get their demands fulfilled. By taking us hostage, they are pressuring the York management to meet their demands.

    At the same time, York management is trying to use us students to pressure CUPE to end the strike since it is CUPE who is responsible for cancelation of classes.

    In my opinion, we are just being used as bait by either sides to get what they want.

  17. joe

    @ Jim

    bahaha… oh man. I don’t understand why people are starting to get so cranky. Not you Jim, but everyone in general in these comments.

    The situation sucks, but it dosn’t make sense to take it out on each other.

  18. adam

    This strike is pathetic. The union should respect the 50,000 students they are fucking over and accept binding arbitration.

  19. ff

    How is the union fucking anyone over? They are selling their labour to the school; they have no contract, and the administration will not pay them what they view as a fair price.
    That is capitalism 101. If the administration wants to get back to school so badly, let them hire scabs to do the work.

  20. A student

    —- thinker // November 12, 2008 at 7:57 pm

    thanks. but any idea about the chances of the strike ending by tomorrow? —-

    thinker you do your nickname no justice….

    it takes a while to get things going once they’ve agreed, and certainly not over night…

  21. i totally agree with ff.
    us students right now are just mops in a bucket. we are just there. i coined that phrase the other day and it seems to fit nicely with the strike situation. Gotta love capitalism and democracy

  22. KAZZA

    Ok I have read many posts and I have not added anything till now. I would like to say that I support the university. I understand that the T.A’s make less then the poverty line but so do many other working stuents (who I might add work more than 10 hours a week).
    The University needs to stand their ground, not cave to the union. The previous years revenue does not reflect the current economy or the future of our economy. I support their decision to not give them an enormous wage increase. If as students we are already upset with tuition prices what do you think a 41% wage increase (or even a 20% wage increase) will do to our tuition next year????
    I am just as upset as the other student who are scared and confused right now, but the university and the union have an obligation to keep us updated on the current status and possible future arangments and as right now neither side is giving us all the info.
    I dont believe that anything we say or do as students will affect the outcome of the strike however maybe pressure on the government will help speed up back to work legislation
    Thank you

  23. ff

    There won’t be any back to work legislation, because this strike is completely legal.

    There is a cap on tuition increases to 5% per year (i think that is the cap) – so this strike really has no impact since tuition hasn’t been frozen since 2005.

    41% figure is a) exaggerated, and b) has been off the table for WEEKS.

    Graduate Students are paid to study. Even if they weren’t education is a right, and maybe its time undergrads start looking out for their own interests, and saying THEY are working too much to pay for what really should be free to those that merit it.

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