No meeting date set for this week

By Basil El-Salviti 

YorkStrike2008 Contributor

At approximately 3:20 pm this afternoon I received a phone call from Alex Bilyk,
York’s media relations representative.

Currently, there is no meeting scheduled with the union. The union continues to
reject the university offer of binding arbitration, which is an offer that
brings a third neutral party to the negotiation table. Binding arbitration,
according to Alex, is a very rare offer for an employer to offer – the offer,
Alex says, would have averted the current strike.

Some students, on and off of this website, have asked me whether next weeks
rally will incriminate them in some way – whether it be expulsion, or charges
laid. As long as students do not violate any laws, and everything is legal,
there should be no reason to worry. York is a school with a body of students
who have often flirted with activism, and so those students should just ensure
they do not do anything illegal.

I asked Alex to keep us updated with regards to any impending negotiations. At
this point, negotiations for the week are up in the air. Let’s hope for the
best, as it looks likely to be a long week folks.



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14 responses to “No meeting date set for this week

  1. ff

    I am currently writing Dean Drummond to ask him to get back to the negotiating table. I suggest more people pressure him to do so.

  2. yorkstrike2008


    They are trying to. The union is refusing. I asked him the same thing. The union does not want to talk yet. This sounds like a 14 year old school yard relationship 😉

  3. Nathan

    The Administration technically tendered the last offer – the 9.25% deal that the Union rejected.

    The Union does not see this offer as a legitimate deal, and therefore will not propose a deal of its own until the Administration proposes a “legitimate” and “serious” offer.

    Of course, the administration considers their offer fair, and thus believe that it is up to the Union to submit the next offer.

  4. ff

    I’m hearing from the union that they are willing to talk – but that it is the administration dragging their feet

  5. Basil El-Salviti

    Both sides have said that the other side is refusing to talk. I’m under the impression that the university is waiting for the union to want to come to the table…as far as I know, no meeting has been set yet.

  6. yorkstrike2008

    A meeting date for Wednesday has been floating around but that has not been put in concrete obviously.

  7. Basil El-Salviti

    I heard of that, too, but in my conversation he neither verified that nor refuted that. All Alex told me was that there was nothing set yet.

    We’ll have to wait until Wednesday I suppose.

  8. The union told the provincial mediator that they were waiting for the university as far as I know…

  9. bad news

    Today CUPE 3903 announced that the university has told their consolidator that they do need need his services at the moment. So basically there is no negotiation occurring at the moment and possibly for the next couple of weeks.

  10. Nathan

    “I’m hearing from the union that they are willing to talk – but that it is the administration dragging their feet”

    That’s because the Union does not believe that the Administration’s last offer was a legitimate attempt at bargaining. Technically, the Administration did tender the last offer, and it should be the Union’s responsibility to counter that offer.

    However, the Union believes that the last offer is not valid, and therefore takes the position that it is up to the University to “properly” respond to the Union’s last offer (7%/4%).

    He said, she said.

  11. ff

    Thnx for clearing up

  12. follow up

    CUPE 3903 has indicated through the provincial conciliator that we are willing to return to the bargaining table. They are waiting for York to do the same, instead of continuing to push for a process (binding arbitration).

  13. yorkstrike2008

    @follow up


  14. yorkstrike2008

    @bad news


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