CUPE 3903 vs Undergrad. students!


 WHAT: Solidarity march and picket / WHEN: Monday, Nov 10 @ 10 am / WHERE:
 Main Picket – We will be meeting in front of York Boulevard and Keele St
 (the main gate and picket-line of York University) at 9 am sharp!


 A small group of York undergraduate students will be organizing a counter
 demonstration directed against CUPE 3903 on Monday at 10 am (see details
 below) due to what is being perceived as an inconvenience to students
 expecting to graduate at the end of this academic year.

 As a demonstration of solidarity with CUPE 3903 and its strike demands (such
 as job security and a living wage), a wide array of undergraduate students,
 campus groups, and allies in the York community are also being asked to join
 together on Monday in a solidarity march and picket to neutralize any counter

 We hope that a strong undergraduate presence on Monday morning will help to
 show the administration (and the media, whose coverage has been quite
 slanted thus far) that we are behind our TA’s and that we support CUP 3903’s
 labour struggle.


So this little alert/message was sent to me from somewhere in cyber space. It looks like the union (or a group of the members) are planning to “neutralise any counter demonstration.” Such militaristic language.



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27 responses to “CUPE 3903 vs Undergrad. students!

  1. Nathan

    It’ll be interesting, considering that the anti-Union demonstration has been pushed back a week.

  2. Nathan

    It’ll be interesting, considering that the anti-Union demonstration has been pushed back a week.

  3. yorkstrike2008


    Maybe that is why it was pushed back…

  4. Basil El-Salviti

    Well, this looks like it’ll be a long one…

  5. Mr.X

    As undergrads lets unite…..tooooogeeetheeer!!

  6. nikgs

    Here’s a crazy thought: I’m an undergrad, but instead of protesting for or against CUPE I’m going to go out and try to lock up a decent summer job early. Don’t lose sight of what matters. Let CUPE stay in its bubble.

    Turn a crisis into opportunity! Crisitunity!

  7. S

    This is an interesting website guys, check it out!

  8. E


  9. S

    This is absolutely unbelievable. I am an Osgoode student: I pay $16 000 in tuition PER YEAR FOR THREE YEARS, PLUS THE COST OF BOOKS and transportation and I don’t get a ready-made job like a graduate assistantship, I don’t get automatic grants from York AND the government IN ADDITION to OSAP, I don’t get a union to represent my interests, and we’re just as much grad students as the CUPE members are. Actually, we had to have a fantastic LSAT score IN ADDITION to stellar grades in order to get into our program. So, while I swim in debt and worry about losing both my first year and the prospect of real summer employment to help me pay my education costs, forgive me if I’m not sympathetic.

  10. ff

    I wonder if the ‘leaders’ will even bother to show up – maybe I should roll by just to see.

  11. yorkstrike2008


    Do it..any bit of information helps here.

  12. yorkstrike2008


    This is not a graduate or CUPE blog. It is for mainly undergrads but generally just about the strike.

  13. yorkstrike2008


    The other thing is that you will walk out with an LLB from Osgoode and walk into a comfortable 100-150,000/year job. Getting a PhD in history or political science doesn’t get you that.

    You are in a different boat. The market offers you that great benefit. Unfortunately, the market isn’t offering PhD and Masters students the same benefits. So they are fighting for them.

    I understand where you are coming from but I cannot agree that Law/medical/MBA programmes are the same as the other graduate programmes.

  14. Laura S

    This blurb is confusing…is this to support CUPE or not?
    It states in one area to not support them and in another to support this morning?

  15. Jim

    “You are in a different boat. The market offers you that great benefit. Unfortunately, the market isn’t offering PhD and Masters students the same benefits. So they are fighting for them.”

    Then why the hell are they doing Phd’s?

  16. x

    Since they expect the strike to be a very long one… Can someone please outline what the outcome will be?
    I understand the school year will be pushed back.
    What about next school year? Will it still start in September?
    Will they reimburse us for the education we are paying for but not getting?
    I read people complaining about that, and I agree. But since they would push everything back, are we entitled to a reimbursement or what?
    Now I’m hesitant about applying for a summer job because I don’t know how long I should commit for!
    What else am I missing?

  17. yorkstrike2008

    School will restart in September no matter what (unless the strike goes all the way to september 😉 ).

    We will probably not get reimbursed for anything. It is senate law that we are to pay for residence (if you live there) after our 8 month contract. So if school is bumped into May then we would have to pay the difference monthly. Now, during the last strike the senate waved that for obvious reasons.

    If it is a 1 or 2 week strike I doubt you could take legal action. If it goes on for a long time and both sides continuously refuse to take binding arbitration I would think that would be grounds for legal action based.

    Hey Osgoode Law students would you like to shed some light on this situation. Would legal action be possible against one party or both parties if this ruined some peoples’ year?

    The parties are not even sitting down until Wednesday. So this strike will go on until the end of the next week at the earliest. I am betting on a 2-3 week minimum here.

  18. Laura S

    so if the regular school year goes into the summer, May, what about summer school?

  19. Nathan

    The summer semester will be compressed into whatever time is remaining. Mind you, both the remainder of the Fall, as well as the Spring semester, will likely also be compressed, using Reading Week as a leeway or maybe by asking educators to cover more material in a shorter amount of time.

  20. x

    If they compress the summer semester, what about the quality of the education students would be getting out of that?

  21. Basil El-Salviti

    x is right. The summer semester is a chance for students to catch up on extra credits, and a compressed summer semester puts the fall/winter students at a slight advantage over the summer students.

    I also think a compressed summer is bad for fall/winter students, too, particularly those who were seeking full time employment to begin saving up for the upcoming academic year. Such a shame.

  22. Laura S

    let’s just say that they’ve screwed our education!

  23. ff

    well, everything I learned, I learned from MTV’s the Hills – so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  24. K

    As an Osgoode student, I can give a brief comment re: possible legal action.

    Really, the short answer is “No”, and the easiest reason why (there are several reasons) would be that the legal system is as loathe as the gov’t to get involved in union disputes. The strike is legal, period, for as long as it goes on. Though many students would disagree, including myself, post-secondary education is not considered an “essential service”, so students have no legal claim to the continuation of their classes in a speedy manner.

    Somewhere in the “fine print” of your agreement to trade money for classes & a degree with York, there is the stipulation that York may cancel classes and/or shut down when it is determined to be in the best interest of the school/faculty/student body. And, ultimately, the determination of what is the “best interest” is made by various factions of the university itself. Remember it is the university that has cancelled classes, not CUPE. And you don’t get your money back, you just get the opportunity to make up your classes/credits in a way that will be easiest for the majority of students. If you’re not in that majority? “Tough luck”.

    I haven’t really been in law school long enough to be able to consider all possible claims a student might be able to make against the university in the case of an overly-long strike. However, I can say with certainty that should there be *any* claims that might have some theoretical merit (and I doubt there are any), these claims would not be considered by any judge in Ontario. Decisions made by Ontario courts are binding within Ontario, so any ruling made on this union strike/dispute would essentially influence all future strikes/disputes at every college and university in the province…it would be opening up a legal can of worms, and courts are loathe to initiate this kind of sweeping, controversial precedent.

  25. yorkstrike2008

    Thanks K,

    Invite more Osgoode law students over here. We could all learn a thing or two about the strike from you guys!

  26. Paul

    CUPE 3903 members are selfish and unrealistic!! Our economy is in a RECESSION and they want more money??? They are the best paid in the country for what they do! How many people have lost there jobs this year?? Seriously those people are the ones who deserve help not these strikers.

  27. ff

    Keynesian economics are cool again, didn’t you hear? Or did you miss the ‘bailout’ bills that were passed in both the US and UK? We’re all about diverting taxpayers money to cure the ails of the world again!
    Next on the block: the woeful underfunding of higher education! (Ie. something that – at least for now- still affects/effects everyone and not the ultra-rich)

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