Videos from inside the meeting

Graham Potts speaking at vote meeting

The strike vote



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13 responses to “Videos from inside the meeting

  1. jane

    I don’t understand how they can strike when over 2500 members of this union didnt even take part in the vote!!! How can you make a decision for a group that large with only 728 votes????????????

  2. How can you have an election and only have 50% of the country show up?

    Yes, it sucks that more people didn’t come out but… this meeting was not technically required, they already had a strike mandate, some members might have been busy/unavailable (The actual mandate vote was taken over a number of days,) the meeting went on for 7 hours (Some people may have left before the end,) and if more people had come there would have been some physical limitations (My understanding is that they actually had to provide a live video feed to a second room to fit everyone who came, plus that was after moving from Accolade West 109,) plus not everyone cares one way or another (I know some of my TAs/Contract Profs were that way…. )

  3. theowne

    Yeah, wonderful, beat your chests and scream out, STRIKE STRIKE STRIKE, who cares about the students, we’re in a good STRIKE mood.

  4. yorkstrike2008

    I have to agree. From the video it seems that the members just wanted a strike. They were all excited about it. For them it is a paid break and a chance to do some shit disturbing…

  5. john

    actualy how shameful can be that…cheer and celebrating…thats so shame of you…i really cant find words to describe you “people”…we ‘ll never gonna forget that…u really must shame…

  6. yorkstrike2008



  7. ff

    To reinforce what Jeff is saying, 5,207,553 Canadians voted for the conservative party in the last election out of 33,424,000 Canadians total; that is 15.58% of the population. Yet, we generally think of the Canadian Government as legitimate, and the popular vote as a reflection of the ‘general will’.

  8. yorkstrike2008


    Everyone (of legal status & age) effected has an opportunity to voice their opinion in elections in Canada.

    Undergraduates are an effected community and we have no voice whatsoever. That is the real problem here.

    The University can walk away win/win; they either serve the union their ass on a plate or they play the mature party and “bring the undergraduate students back to school by giving the union their ridiculous concessions.”

    The union can either get exactly what they want (2 year contract for 2010) or not get it (by ending the strike) for a sweet settlement.

    So at the end of the day they can both possibly win and undergraduates get what? A couple weeks of time we couldn’t get jobs because we didn’t know when the strike was going to end, do work and get our summer arrangements completely messed up.

    We are such a LARGE group (50,000) with so much to lose and we have absolutely NO voice!

    That has to change. We have to form a voice!

  9. ff

    I think pressuring the administration is the way to go. In the past, they have proven able to meet the union’s demands when their hand has been forced – and I do not think that this is any different. With a liberal in Queen’s Park who has declared himself an ‘Education Premier’ – I think it is time to ask him to put his money where his mouth is.

    The same goes for undergraduates, we are paying out the ass here – and it has to stop. A BA is no longer the guarantee of a great career may have been a generation before. We need to pressure the government for our own sake – now is a perfect time to reflect on how shitty things are for us, and what, really, we expect to do with a BA.
    If this strike ends up affecting summer term and work opportunities, I think it is a huge injustice to the undergraduate population; but again, I think that in the 50th anniversary of the university that they can find it within themselves to summon up the funds somewhere, somehow.
    We do have a voice – but it is strong when united. The student union for undergrads has come out in favour of the strike – I think we owe it to our instructors and TAs to support them, and force this strike to an end. We are students to…let’s support them

  10. yorkstrike2008

    Strong words ff

    I suppose the only thing to do is to wait and see what happens and continue this dialogue.

  11. Dharm

    they want it so badly….and poor undergrads….
    how do they want us to sympathize after watching all these videos….

  12. Student

    This is ridiculous, The leader of the CUPE 3903 group is acting like he is in charge of setting up a war. Someone should tell him that he is not a military leader and that people would respect him more if he made a deal and ended this little game. They my have a legitimate proposition but at the end of the day they are selfish and are not thinking about the STUDENTS. Not only are they messing up our school year, but they are now messing up with our summer plans. I am not blaming just the T.A’s, but I think those who are in charge at YORK are power hungry and do not care. They can spend millions of dollars on crap that does not make a difference to them or students but cannot make a deal with the T.A’s and end the strike. While there up in there nice little offices with there suits and ties, reading there newspapers, students are loosing money, and re-scheduling there lives around this JOKE OF A STRIKE !!! I wish as students we had the ability to go on strike and show the university that we have a voice too.

  13. FD

    The problem lies within the capitalist system. the way to go about obtaining more money from employers has a long history of violence and walk-out. it seems that no progress is ever made if people speak without action. Action in this case in taken as a refusal to work for wages below the poverty line. This is a good argument. At a time of economic crisis doesn’t everyone want job security and more money. At the same time someone has to suffer, weather it be the students or the business. If suffering or pain is not taking place then there is no change. this is also key to psychology teachings. As a human race we only change when we have a traumatic life event. in a business perspective this traumatic life event is loss of income. If no students are there no small businesses within york are making money, which means that they might not be able to pay their rent. The income streams of york will be affected. when they have had enough then they will negotiate. Both sides need to come to a resolution because its the victims (students) who are affected the most in the end.

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