Were they burning an oil drum?

Burning oil drums?


Oh yeah, I wonder how many Environmental Studies TAs were there for that one?



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13 responses to “Were they burning an oil drum?

  1. Andrew

    You sure don’t seem many people out beating the drum in this picture.

  2. that’s a fire barrel, not an oil drum

  3. Jimmy

    This reminds me of bums who do this downtown. Oh wait…

  4. Andrew

    Yes, but it’s originally an oil drum, turned fire barrel, and the pun I won’t even explain.

  5. A student

    Thanks for the rss! 🙂

  6. i love your site for updates, thanks for this. but the way youre so bitter and judgmental sometimes takes away from your legitimacy for me…it’s sad how undergrads don’t realize that in fighting for their own rights, TAs are in turn, fighting for a better education for UNDERGRADS. it’s not fair to attack the TAs unless you are in their shoes. you are not the one struggling to support a family and pay rent and study full time AND teach full time. teaching takes a lot more than 10 hours per week..it’s a full time job.

  7. yorkstrike2008


    I support this strike…I just think that they are burning oil drums is funny on many levels. I will try and be nicer 🙂

  8. A.Q.

    Awesome..thank you, look at how easily we came to an agreement.

  9. yorkstrike2008


    The power of controlling what people post on here sometimes gets to you……;)

    Just kidding. I let everything on here slide as long as it doesn’t use really vulgar language or can be legally problematic.

    Heck, I even let attacks on me slide.

  10. an opinion

    Personally yorkstrike 2008 i like your quirky/sarcastic and sometimes judgmental remarks, it adds a bit of flavor to this whole fiasco. Please keep them up! it would be so annoying and dull if this suddenly became a news report.

  11. undergrad student

    Oh ok,
    but “A.Q.” I still don’t see your logic. If you are fighting for our rights to and you want increased pay. WHERE is the money coming from? AND how could th T.A.’s support our lowering tuition fees rally?……I wonder where the money will end up coming from. Why don’t the T.A.’s just walk up to the students and ask them to empty their pockets? I’m tired of being held hostage here. We don’t have money either. My job pays $7.60 and I work TWO days a week. I pay Tuition, rent, utilities, flights home across the country!

  12. CUPE members are starting to believe their own rhetoric. The old bromide “we’re fighting for your rights too” gets thrown out every time there is a CUPE strike. How much better is the undergrad experience at York now compared to the mid 80’s? Given the numerous strikes over the past 2 decades, shouldn’t York be a undergrad utopia by now?

    Don’t believe the CUPE BS – and tell every CUPE member you see that students want BINDING ARBITRATION NOW!!!!!!!

  13. ff

    CUPE are fighting against a government that has continued to scale back its investment in higher education. Your anger is misdirected.

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