Union work pays good!

CUPE 3903 Staff Representative Job Posting

Employer: CUPE 3903
Position: Staff Representative

Position Type: Temporary position for a minimum of 3 months, with the possibility of an extension for a period of up to 24 months. At least 6 weeks notice will be given for any extension or termination of the contract. It is possible that the termination of the contract will be followed with a reposting of the position as permanent.

Location: York University Campus, Toronto, Ontario

Salary: $75, 016.20 plus benefits/pension plan (pro-rated)


Somebody quit? Couldn’t take the heat? Anyways, $75 grand year + benefits isn’t too bad. Why don’t they offer that job to a struggling TA? Just kidding! But that is a decent salary and interesting that they are hiring in the middle of a strike. 



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6 responses to “Union work pays good!

  1. AL

    TA’s are making over $62 an hour. Where else can find find a job that pays this well while you are a student??

  2. yorkstrike2008

    TAs do make a good amount of money! I sure hope I can get a TA position when I go to grad school!

  3. AL

    so we might see you on the streets joining the picket lines in 2010!

  4. Jim

    Listen, my Arts TAs were glorified undergrads with average gpas who still lived at home, and I couldn’t believe they were actually marking my papers.

    Of course, TA’s in the sciences, comp sci/mathematics etc. usually possess real skills (however social skills are usually lacking) and can genuinely help students who are weak in these areas.

  5. yorkstrike2008

    @ AL

    Might happen…I am getting the hell out of Canada…too cold and too many strikes ;)..go somewhere..Italy maybe..

  6. AL

    Italy excellent choice!
    I would go to germany for a year or two. I agree, Canada is not the best place to live in for graduates/young adults. I will return here, however, when I turn 50+.

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