Update from the desk of Dean Drummond

By Basil El-Salviti


Currently, according to Dean Drummond, media relations representative Alex Bilyk is off until Monday. I hope to be able to forward an interview or information to YorkStrike2008 at some point on Monday.

Negotiations, for the time being, have been halted. The Dean said that negotiations are likely to resume at some point next week (under the precondition that both sides are willing to bring something new to the table). The Dean stressed this notion of both sides trying to reconcile the difference they may have, so I would infer that, indeed, a meeting will occur next week.

Dean Drummond also said that the employers intention is to continue to negotiate with CUPE 3903. I asked him for any notes he’d like to give to students who visit York Strike 2008, and he told me that “the university is committed to resolving the labour dispute as soon as possible” and that more information will be coming available throughout this week.



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2 responses to “Update from the desk of Dean Drummond

  1. A student

    Great updates and site. Would you be able to do RSS feeds as well 😉

  2. yorkstrike2008

    Thanks for reminding me about the RSS feed. It has already been done by the time I wrote this comment!

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