Let’s get the government involved!

Hey everyone

I know a lot of you are really concerned about the length of this strike so I have drawn up a letter to send to the Ontario Minister of Education, Kathleen Wynne.

Copy and paste this letter and email to the Minister at kwynne.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org. Please use your YorkU email addresses for obvious legitimacy. 


Honourable Kathleen Wynne 

Minister of Education

Provincial Government of Ontario


Dear Minister,

As undergraduate university students in Toronto, Ontario we face some of the highest tuition and living costs in Canada. We recognise the need for labour negotiations between our local CUPE 3903 union, representing a large portion of our teaching faculty, and York University. However, we feel that we are innocent bystanders in these events as we have so little power even though we are a community that is directly affected. Many of us have to work summer jobs to pay for tuition again in September, are trying to graduate to enter the work force or applying to graduate schools. If the union and the university do not resolve these issues expediently many of our educational and vocational plans will be interrupted. There are thousands of us who will have to drop out of the current school year to get jobs so that we can return in September. For many, not working for several weeks less in the summer is simply not a financial option. The current strike is looking like it will last a couple of weeks considering that some of the Union’s key demands have not been sufficiently addressed by the University and the Union has rejected the packages offered the University. We do not want a repeat of the 2000/2001 strike at York University that lasted 12 weeks.

We, the undergraduate students of York University ask you, Madame  Minister and the Ministry of Education of Ontario to pressure the parties to resolve this labour disruption and give the tens of thousands of undergraduate students at York University a voice.  


York University Undergraduate Students



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12 responses to “Let’s get the government involved!

  1. Basil El-Salviti

    This is a great letter. Anyone have any input? I don’t see anything that needs editing, or any extra information you could put.

  2. ff

    This sounds like a call for arbitration – which is really just a call for concession to the administration’s demands.

    I cannot support this letter.

  3. Art

    This sounds more like a letter that says, “Oh hey Minister, did you know York U is experiencing strike? Can you please do something about it?”
    It’s not like Minister of Education is not aware of this situation and isn’t already pressuring both sides.
    Pointless letter is pointless.

  4. yorkstrike2008

    Hey guys

    We can work on it. I will listen to all your comments. I tried to remain as neutral as possible. A lot of students think the union is in the wrong and other think the administration is. Where we all agree is that we think the strike should end as soon as possible. I tried to write this to appeal to everyone.

    Post your comments and we can develop this further.

  5. ff

    The dean just said he is looking forward to resuming negotiations next week. I hardly think this is the time to start pressuring the government to ‘do something’ – when there is about a zero percent chance that their action would in any way benefit the union and its members.

  6. K

    If you want to be most effective in sending that letter, you probably want to send it to the Ontario Minister of Training Colleges and Universities, John Milloy.


  7. Laura S

    Ya its the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

    John Milloy


  8. Z

    You might want to take into consideration all of the other students on campus attending other colleges that have nothing to do with this strike and are being affected and delayed by needless road blockades.

    Part-time staff at Seneca college went on strike a few years back and did so without stopping traffic and needlessly clogging the already overflowing Toronto streets with buses, slowing the already long rush hour drive home for motorists. Pick lines are one thing, blocking the road is rude and inconsiderate.

    I respect your right to choose to walk off the job, you’ve successfully locked down York and obviously prevented the campus from functioning properly. What the hell is the point of blocking off the roads and impacting people who have nothing to do with this?

    It’s hypocritical to exercise your right to walk off the job site and then deny other peoples right to be on campus to attend school they are paying for, even if it’s just for a minute or two (which really can be almost 30+ minutes in some cases), who are you to stop me from coming on to campus for even one second?

    You have no reason nor right to do so, and the police should remove your ridiculous blockades all together. The campus does NOT revolve around you, though you seem to like to think so. York campus is home to more then one school and more then one body of students and faculty. You claim to want to better education and yet you’re impeding it every morning making students and teachers late for class.

    I shouldn’t have to get up early and add more time to my commute because you’re going to be standing on the road every morning. You can go about this in a more reasonable manner then you are. People can still read your signs even if you’re not on the road, we get it you’re striking.

    You should rethink you’re approach and be a little more considerate to the people trying to continue their education.

    Not to mention I saw one of your signs the other day that said “Honk if you like cookies.” … Wow nice one, good use of funds for that one, really relevant to your cause. I do enjoy cookies, but I’m honking at YOU in my way, not for fuckin’ cookies.

  9. Basil El-Salviti

    Hey Z,

    I agree with you….although I think you’re intending your remarks on the TA, not the undergrads…lol

  10. Artem

    made me laugh, the most logical point made so far -)

  11. Nathan


    I firmly believe, as a grad student, that there is a proportion of Union members (quite small of course) who don’t care what the strike represents, what the strike’s aims are – who simply want to strike. They want to picket, they want to shout slogans, and they want to piss off people… because it’s part, apparently, of the experience. Just like how people pretend to score the game winning goal in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals, these guys live for the thrill of pretending to be some sort of hero of the working man and woman.

    After all… there are only what, 100-200 picketers at best? That’s less than 5% of the Union membership. We’re dealing with the most radical, dedicated, and left-wing members of the Union here.

    But, if you guys are upset at Union practices, and you guys obviously are – CALL THEM. EMAIL THEM. BOMBARD THEM WITH YOUR OPINION. Their contact information isn’t exactly private. Just do it politely and within the law. Don’t just post your opinion here and expect them to drop by and read it.

  12. Nic

    I think the whole point of the blockades is to get people angry so that they (the angry people) in turn put more pressure on the university to stop the strike so students in other collages can get to class. It’s part of practice and while I agree that it is very inconvenient, it’s effective. So everyone is playing their role: York and CUPE, the picketers, the students, etc.. This will get sorted out in due time, and maybe even a little or a lot late. I don’t appreciate possibly giving up my winter break for their inability to come to a decision but I will get my money’s worth and the time that it will take up of my summer or anywhere else, I’m having the benefits right now. I can’t say I wasn’t a little pleased to take a breather from my busy school/work schedule.

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