Some speculation for you guys to chew on

From everything that I have read and heard it seems that a strike tomorrow is more than likely. Simply based on the fact that there has not been much negotiation or movement on many of the union’s demands. Job security has been almost completely ignored, the COLA (wage adjustment to inflation) demand and tuition fees (although an abolishment is ridiculous) have barely or not even been discussed in any capacity yet. Personally, I don’t think it is humanly possible for the bargaining teams to even get through all of that in time to avoid a strike. So unless one side is willing to accept or the other forfeit their demands on many key issues a strike is most likely to happen.



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11 responses to “Some speculation for you guys to chew on

  1. in your opinion, what is the probability given in % ?
    what is more than likely, 70%, 90%?

  2. Sarah

    thanks a alot for keeping us updated;)

  3. yorkstrike2008

    95%. I just don’t think they have enough time to get it all done. They have been in legal strike position for a long time now and for about two weeks the university refused to meet with the union.

  4. adam

    when will we know for sure?

  5. Jay

    I agree with you yorkstrike, I think its too late and they are still way to far apart

    My worst fear now is that the union will hold out for a lot more, figuring since they are on strike, why not go for the whole thing

  6. yorkstrike2008


    Come back here at midnight and it should be up. I will have it up before the union or the york site do. If everything goes according to plan.

  7. Cheese

    im just wondering, shouldn’t it be known by no whether there is a strike or not, or are they actually still in a meeting right now at 10 pm??

  8. Cheese

    what is official?

  9. Kyle

    What happens if they begin negotiations but they run late into the night, will a strike incur tomorrow based on the merits that no conclusions have been made?

  10. Shashi

    hey, apparently they they cant legally announce a strike until tmrw so we will get updates at 12:01am thurs (2 hours)

  11. ff

    tuition abolition is far from ridiculous. the state already pays for 13 years of it, and many other countries have free post-secondary education. It’s time to start talking about education.

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