Some pictures!


Picketing outside of Bethune College

Picketing outside of Bethune College

 Felix from YorkU took this picture from his dorm room in Bethune College. Thanks Felix.



Thanks Courtney and Jeridan for the pictures from Glendon College.



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11 responses to “Some pictures!

  1. Cam

    Anyone know exactly what the deal with the TTC will be? Will the buses that run on campus drop us off somewhere close instead? i’m a little out of the loop

  2. Basil El-Salviti

    Lets hope this strike ends sooner rather than later. The fact that this strike was voted for unanimously is absurd.

  3. Cab

    The picketers outside Glendon said they will be there for at least 2 weeks.

  4. Basil El-Salviti

    I’m pretty sure the TTC will still be going to York, though they may end up dropping students off away from the commons….though I could be dead wrong. Can anyone else verify?

  5. The TTC and GO Transit are also unionized, so I’m sure that they will opt not to pass the picket lines in order to show support for the CUPE union in lieu of the strike. This would mean that commuters whose bus route passes through the main entrance on Keele st, for example, would have to be dropped off near the entrance- leaving the daunting task of trying to get through the picket lines up to the student.I sure hope that I am wrong though.

  6. Nathan

    The TTC 196 will drop people off at York and Keele. The 106 I believe will drop people off at Finch and Sentinel.

    You don’t have to worry about crossing lines if you’re on foot, bike, etc… The line will only block vehicular traffic.

  7. Phi

    Do you guys know when the union and york administration get together to negotiate? Two times a week or everyday … ?

  8. R

    Click on the ‘here’ link to see where the temporary bus stops are.

  9. Greg

    Hey does anyone know if the Falafal Hut Village at the York Mall is any good, and if anyone has any good suggestions on what to order?

  10. Cam

    The 196 will drop you off at the pond and keele, york and keele, and as far as steeles and keele if you need it.

  11. Basil El-Salviti

    Greg, funny touch.

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