So …. it looks like we are on strike!

From an anonymous informer it appears that we are on strike everyone! Let us wait for the an official announcement. But it appears that we are officially on strike!



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26 responses to “So …. it looks like we are on strike!

  1. Kyle

    Source? Sounds a little “wishy-washy.”

  2. Jay

    ya man, no offence, but I need proof before I believe anyone here…

  3. Ryan

    is this imformer someone who was in the meeting?

  4. jane

    any idea when the official announcement will be made? will they wait til 12:01 or put us all out of our misery before then?

  5. When will they put up an official announcement?

    What are students to do about their midterms/assignments due that day?

  6. MES'er

    so, I don’t know about the strike:

    check out this link, it’s from CUPE which seems to indicate that the strike was averted as the union ratified the agreement.

  7. Sarah

    It will be cancelled until the strike is over. Professors cannot make you hand in assignments while the strike is ongoing…

  8. Pam

    if you have mid terms or assignments everything will be put on hold. Let’s say you have a mid term tomorrow (thursday) and the strike last till next thursday, the prof. cannot give you the mid term the next thursday. A new date must officially be presented and agreed upon, as per the senate.

  9. jane


    thats the wrong union… that was for the custodial staff and other in union 1356 NOT 3903

  10. Pam

    that website is for CUPE Local 1356, NOT CUPE 3903. Wrong union…

  11. yorkstrike2008


    CUPE 1356 is the Custodial and Janitorial Union. The TAs union is 3903. Different story.

  12. Stef

    To MES’ers, CUPE 1356 is the support staff for the university, like groundskeepers or janitors. The TA’s are union…3903. (It’s misleading on the York website, I know!)

  13. We recognize that there is no difference between a strike and a mobster extorting a business. Both are cases of destroying a business to gain personal wealth. Except for some reason we are aloud to do it “legally”. God I love sucking money from all you kids, while screwing your education!

    -Cupe 3903

  14. Ryan

    cupe 1356 is a different union… its for custodial staff…. not the TA union which is the one causing the strike!!!

  15. Sarah

    – that is concerning CUPE 1356…
    – the TA’s are under CUPE 3903…

    That recent post has nothing to do with the current strike deadline, so IGNORE!

  16. Kyle


    That is a totally different union (CUPE 1356). That union is directed toward York University’s maintenance workers. They settled earlier today.

  17. V.

    you should email your prof about that. i was told by my professors that they will postpone the midterm/assignment (originally both due on tomorrow and fri). if they haven’t told you anything most likely it’ll be postsponed but check with your prof is my advice

  18. Cheese

    the strike mandate must be announced 72 hours prior to strike, so it is legally incorrect for CUPE to announce a strike untill 12:01 am on thursday nov 6

  19. MES

    ah, confusion…

    some confirmation would be nice

  20. Cheese Lover

    thanks cheese ur so smart

  21. K

    Strike mandate is different than deciding to go ahead with the strike. The mandate – ie. deciding as a group to be *willing* to strike on 12:01am Nov 6 – was decided on October 18.

  22. Cheese

    lol no problem 🙂

  23. Mou5

    I eat cheese!!!

  24. ct

    they have officially announced they are on strike here! Although I welcome any break from class, let’s hope it doesn’t last long, and they can come to an agreement where both sides are happy!

  25. Rex

    Anyone know if Falafal Hut Village will be open? I feel like buying a Souvlaki dinner? Is that any good, any other suggestions?

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