Hot off the press!

From our tipster, apparently, Yorku has upped wages to avert a strike but the offer will be declined. This is getting tight guys.



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7 responses to “Hot off the press!

  1. Pam

    From the Face book group:

    Hello all. As of about 5 minutes ago, the membership of CUPE 3903 has voted overwhelmingly to go out on strike. Therefore, the bargaining team/executive team has taken the direction of the membership, and have voted unanimously to strike.

    The university’s final offer is not only less than we deserve, it takes away many of the wages/benefits/funds we have previously earned. Therefore, we encourage the university to come back to the bargaining table with a substantially better offer that more fully reflects the extent of the work that we do.

    Those of you that have signed up for 7 am picket duty, please show up ready to picket! Even if you have not signed up, please show up if you are available.

    As well, please be aware of a Strike Rally that will be happening tomorow at 9 am, at the main entrance of York. This rally will have speakers, information, food, etc. There will be media in attendance, and its really important we show the university that we stand united together against a university that is determined to break us.

    See you all on the lines!!~

  2. rob

    hah this is so tense.

    On a side note this blog has recieved over 1000 hits in the last 2 minutes Oo

  3. Coco

    soooooo strike?

  4. Coco

    The news just said not to report to class tomorrow!

  5. This whole situation is stupid. With the economy on the decline, a 41% increase is absolutely ridiculous.

  6. endy

    This is just ridiculous, for those who support this cause speak to the students who were at york during the course of the last strike, week one, its all fun and games, by week eleven, its heartbreak and regret..try cutting into summer holidays by 2.5 months, cutting into summer jobs, taking dollars out of our bank accounts and food off our tables..the union has their say..who will speak on our behalfs..who represents the voice of the students? lets say we do the same stupid shit and strike because of an incident on campus or any other “valid” know we would have our asses booted out of university in a jiffy…ridiculous..

  7. mark

    All the people who support this strike are morons!!! im with endy! this is setting such a bad example to young students…if you don’t get your way just bitch and complain! go to work!!!!!! if you are below poverty then McDonalds is ALWAYS hiring, go get a 2nd job!

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