Here are the answers to all your questions…

So for all of you wondering about exam schedules  and due dates and tests etc, here is the info right from the horse’s mouth:



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20 responses to “Here are the answers to all your questions…

  1. Soraya

    I heard all assignments, etc were suspended until we get back but according to that website we still have to hand them in. Anyone know?

  2. Pam

    you do not need to hand anything in.

  3. Soraya

    not even through email?

  4. Ryan

    this is the same crap they have been telling us for a week!!! still not sufficent info… the university is being a real pain in the ass and making everything confusing

  5. Aaron

    What about online assignments that have previously been posted, does anyone know about those?

  6. Pam

    not by e-mail or anything. If there is a strike you do not need to go to school for anything. No exams, no papers, nothing.
    Even if you have library books that will become overdue during the strike period, the library will not charge anything until the strike ends.
    There should be no reason to cross the picket lines.

  7. Soraya

    thanks 🙂

  8. Ali

    So although classes will be canceled, financial offices and all that other stuff going to be open, is that correct? I need to get something worked out with YorkU and OSAP…

  9. Soraya

    one other question, something i dont understand…

    if the strike happens (which i hope it does) i keep hearing it will last a while. wouldnt they work harder to end it faster? can someone explain this to me?

  10. Pam

    well from what i heard from one of the TA’s. It will either be a strike that last under 48hours OR if it last more then 48hrs they expect it to last for months…
    But who knows….
    i just wish i knew dates i.e. You will be off from this date to this date.
    Everything is just going to be touch and go….

  11. Amit

    I have one confusion. I have an essay due friday, so lets say the strike ends 2 weeks from now. Is my essay due the friday we get back from the strike or is the prof require to reschedule the due date?

  12. Soraya

    i need a strike till past tuesday. lol

  13. Pam

    From the Face book group:

    Hello all. As of about 5 minutes ago, the membership of CUPE 3903 has voted overwhelmingly to go out on strike. Therefore, the bargaining team/executive team has taken the direction of the membership, and have voted unanimously to strike.

    The university’s final offer is not only less than we deserve, it takes away many of the wages/benefits/funds we have previously earned. Therefore, we encourage the university to come back to the bargaining table with a substantially better offer that more fully reflects the extent of the work that we do.

    Those of you that have signed up for 7 am picket duty, please show up ready to picket! Even if you have not signed up, please show up if you are available.

    As well, please be aware of a Strike Rally that will be happening tomorow at 9 am, at the main entrance of York. This rally will have speakers, information, food, etc. There will be media in attendance, and its really important we show the university that we stand united together against a university that is determined to break us.

    See you all on the lines!!~

  14. pp

    just wondering, i had an assignment due on nov 5th, but we were allowed to take a one week extension on one of the essays of our choice in that class. So, i took the one week extension so my essay should be due on nov 11..however, because of the strike would it be due one week after the strike is over…or as soon as the strike is over…i emailed my prof and ta the same question but i don’t know if they will even reply. thanks.

  15. Soraya

    you taking the history class? i did the same thing. thats why i need the stike because i need more time for that essay lol

  16. pp

    that’s the one!

  17. A

    Hey, how is bussing working?????

    Did they block the busses from coming in???

  18. Laura S

    Pam, are you a CUPE 3903 member?

  19. x

    If the strike does last a couple of weeks (which I really hope does NOT happen) and the school schedule gets pushed back to compensate for the time missed, will the next school year start in September and carry on as usual? ie. shortening our summer holiday, ie. shortening our opportunity for a summer job, ie. what students NEED in order to pay their tuition?

    This strike is going to interfere with our schedule for the WHOLE year. ALL of our plans. And are we even going to be reimbursed for all the classes missed?

    I understand that the TAs are being underpaid and have a lot necessary expenses, and I support that. I think the university should think more about who keeps the school functioning and the students learning than other things they put their money into.

  20. yorkstrike2008

    Classes will be pushed back to compensate. The margin is: after 7 consecutive days of no classes 3 credit courses will be extended and after 14 days of classes 6 credit courses will be extended, appropriately. So that is the playing room right there. If we go over a two week strike everyone will be here for extra time.

    We won’t have to pay for more tuition. But as far as residence is concerned, we signed 8 month contracts so I assume we will have to begin paying monthly after our contracts expire.

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