Almost half of York is here! Let’s form our voice!

Hey everyone! This site has 22,024 unique hits (22,024 different people) since it has been started last week. We are by far the largest internet community concerning the York University Strike of 2008. As such, I will be contacting both University and Union media branches to see if we can have some more detailed explanations and communication of what exactly is going on. Furthermore, this site will become a voice for the undergraduate population at York University. We should not be innocent bystanders here. This affects us directly. A petition will be drawn up and placed on here shortly to pressure the University to stop this strike as soon as possible. We do have a voice here and it should be heard. We pay the University and the Union members so let’s tell them how we want it!



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36 responses to “Almost half of York is here! Let’s form our voice!

  1. Rocco

    I know the union has just finished meeting with the university, but has there been a scheduled meeting to resolve this as soon as possible? Every day (especially in the month of November) is precious. Now, we’re only looking at Thursday; however, that can quickly turn into one week, which can quickly turn into two, and so on. This needs to be resolved.

  2. I am personally starting to feel like the one reason that is supposed to matter to both the administration and the union is being overlooked – the education of the students. We as students go through a lot to pay fees and make ends meet so that we can afford an education. Stopping classes and having a strike is not enabling us to get a chance to make use of the money that has already been paid to the university! I am not saying here that the demands need to be met right away by the university, or that the strike needs to be canceled by the union and forget about their demands. But they both need to realize what is of greater importance here – education or pointless bickering. I am sure both these parties are adult enough to sacrifice something on each part and come to a mutual agreement! Unreasonable demands and egoistic behaviour is harming the students the most and there is no reason for us to sit quietly while these guys leisurely decide what is to be done to their future! This is ridiculous!

  3. Laura

    I’d really like to see a petition. If CUPE 3903 thinks they can totally shaft students like this, then they’re dead wrong. We need to make our voices heard too.

  4. Pat

    Agreed the faster the better. For the people who think that this is a good time to catch up on reading yes use the time but understand that anything over 7 day will extend our semester or even year resulting in a shorter summer to work, also international students have visa’s that expire. This strike is more harmful than good in my opinion.

  5. aa

    A petition to pressure the university?
    I am assuming the people who would sign that petition will consist mainly of the same people who attended the “Lower Tuition Fees” rallies. How about some consistency here? Pressuring the University to increase wages unreasonably will force the cost to be passed on to the students. Maybe we should instead pressure the union to agree to binding arbitration. Whom does that affect overly negatively?

  6. Soraya

    You guys need to remember how many students won’t sign anything because some students (including myself) need some time off for catching up and working on assignments. It sucks but…

  7. ff

    for the Students worried about the money they paid – i guess i probably didn’t see you at Queen’s Park today.
    We need to get rid of tuition in this province, not bicker when workers demand a living wage – not poverty.

  8. yorkstrike2008

    To answer you guys,

    I will make two petitions. One for the University and one for the Union. I will also make a poll so everyone can see where the most pressure is going.

  9. me

    I’m going to sleep now…who is with me? 🙂

  10. Myuren Jayamohan

    If this strike goes on to a week..the university will lose its reputation. Really if I knew that a university is not going to respect me even with my fees paid. I wouldn’t have joined York. They had several months to go over this issue…the talks started in May. In times like this you got to use the give and take policy…some one has to accept the situation and move on. Really some people think it is a break from school to catch up….but at the end its us who suffer…with extended year, summer classes cut and many other problems. This university has to make a quick decision and open the university..we students can’t afford to lose time like this….especially when exams are around.

  11. Myuren Jayamohan

    I want a compensation from the university for each day for the number of classes canceled…then next time they won’t dare to repeat this mistake.

  12. Myuren Jayamohan

    York will not accept CUPE 3903’s demands because its unreasonable. And CUPE 3903 will not change their demand because they know that the university are in need of them. The longer the strike more harder on the university admin. So this will make the university accept the current offer and struggle financially for the next three years. With the strike their going to lose money and with the acceptance of the demand they will lose money.

  13. sam

    lol… 😉 i’m with you…

  14. Sh

    I really want it to stop ASAP, they’re wasting our time here…

  15. Jimmy

    I have to agree. This strike, provided that it won’t last long is a BLESSING to some of us who were drowning in work. I won’t be signing anything for AT LEAST 1 or 2 weeks.

  16. The Man With The Plan

    Yes, the strike is a tragic event, but can we just forget about it for a week or two and appreciate the time we have. Like myself, i know for a fact that many students would love some time to catch up on work, and now is the perfect opportunity. So please, just let the two sides handle the situation and instead of making petitions based on this problem, why don’t we take that revolutionary energy and focus it more on battling tuitions fees. Besides, what is the worst that can happen if school is out for a few weeks? The material in courses will get shortened, or in worst case scenario, classes will continue for a week or two into summer. So please, take this perspective into consideration.

  17. Artem

    Sending a petition to both the Union and the University is a good idea!

  18. student

    Really, wages are so good for TA’s. They make $30 and hour. Only problem is that they only work 10 hours a week.
    Solution? Get another job and stop complaining. This has the possibility of affecting the amount of time that students can work during the summer, which for me means working 40 hours a week during the four months to have enough for tuition. If I don’t get those 4 months to work, that just adds to my student loans which I am trying to keep down.
    Please end this quickly, so that the students who’s tuition pays for your employment can pay you.

  19. s~

    honestly, i hope this doesn’t go too out of hand, they better make arrangements soon… i won’t lie, i am a bit happy that the school has taken a break, but i’m just worried how long this could possibly carry out for…i wouldn’t want a repeat of what happened last time…that was just too damn long.
    and what is up with such a high demand increase? 41%?..i mean shit, york shouldn’t have settled for like a 9.25% increase but i still think 41% is a bit too much…im pretty sure if they agreed to that, our tuitions would probably rape us anally for the next few years :S
    ha, lucky for me i only took 21 credits this year…i feel terrible for those who have 30+ credits…x_x

  20. ff

    For everyone shooting their mouths off without really having any clue about basic facts, or labour politics in general – listen to ‘man with the plan’ – there is a very good chance this strike will end soon. With any luck you can think of this as a fall reading week – impromptu, but whatever.

  21. Basil El-Salviti

    It is through efforts like this, meaning the efforts of the moderator and the keen sense I get that the moderator wants to work on behalf of the students, that students voices will be heard. Folks, don’t take the moderator of this site lightly – our voices NEED to be heard, and we should do everything possible to get our concerns heard by the employer and CUPE 3903.

  22. Rocco

    To all the people who are complaining about “drowning” in work, are you friggen serious? Have you never been through a November at York before? It’s pathetic that you’re happy your educational facility is striking because you can’t manage your time appropriately.

    But hey, it’s okay, Cs get degrees, so you’re safe there.

  23. john

    I m so frustrated when i read some of you(like “the man with HIS fucking plan”) support the strike cause helps you to do something else that period. How fucking selfish someone can be to post such crap?? Think about all of us that have scheduled important stuff and now all that plans are at stake..Think of all your students that come to study from another country…

  24. ff

    I’m not saying it doesn’t stink for international students, but come on, they are ~5% of the population here – and since they can afford to pay international fees, most of the time they can afford the inconvenience. I don’t buy this argument.

    The push for even more research-focused and results-based funding totally contradicts the founding principles of York as a liberal arts institution. In the world rankings our prestige will slip if we don’t continue to fund our excellence in the social sciences and humanities.

    Anyone that thinks that someone that publishes in the ‘right’ journals is somehow a better teacher has a poor understanding about what an education CAN and SHOULD be. There are a lot of ongoing debates that this strike is about – it isn’t just job security and wages – it is also starting a larger discussion about the state of higher education in Canada.

  25. Basil El-Salviti

    I would like to note that I personally don’t feel persuaded by the argument made that this strike is somehow a discussion regarding the state of higher education in Canada.

    First of all…this isn’t a nation wide strike. This is a labour dispute within York – and only York, at this time. This isn’t a discussion on higher education, this is a strike for increased wages and job security. Hell, even the chief negotiator for CUPE 3903 says that.

    Students that feel this is exciting because they can finally catch up on studies are being incredibly selfish. Other students HAVE caught up on their studies, and that signifies that people HAVE the potential to read up to date during regular business hours. The fact that some students are behind is testament to the fact that they have not been reading to the level that is considered adequate for this course of study.

    I plead with students to come together for a common cause: to end this strike as quickly as possible, so we can resume our studies and thereby graduate and perform our civil duties as Canadians, or to the international students, to receive qualifications that far exceed those they may have received in their home countries, should they choose to return home.

    Together, we can make this strike end. But we cannot have this division between students who didn’t manage their time properly, and students who are up to date in their readings.

    I’m insisting that those students who haven’t kept up with their readings: you are at university for a greater mission. It is not just to become a professional, but it is to benefit the society in which you belong.

  26. me

    To people who are saying that those who welcome a short break to catch up on studies are selfish…we are all so proud of you that you are able to keep up with 100% of your studies all the time, and you NEVER fall behind, even a little bit. Even the creator of this website would not mind a short break : “I would not mind a one week strike just to take some pressure off right now. November is always a brutal month but this year is really bad for some reason.” So, excuse me for welcoming a little extra time to catch up. I am not a machine, and I am not selfish.

  27. Jimmy

    Thanks for the kind words Rocco.

    I Have been in November before at York but not as year 4. And yes I, like many others, welcome the strike. Some of us want more than a C.

  28. To Basil El-Salviti , I am so proud that you are such an outstanding student. Maybe some time in the future you can open workshops all throughout York where you can teach us all how to manage our precious time. Perhaps you can give us tips on how to sleep less so we can read more. Or even how we can maximize our productivity levels by reading chapters during the breaks of our long eight hour part-time job shifts. Or perhaps instruct us in the art of drugging our young children to sleep in order to maximize our productivity. I am so sure we would all benefit from such precious information. You are a role model to us all and we put our hopes on you so that you can be right outside the Dean’s door every single morning of the strike pressuring him and the union leaders to end this whole thing. Our hopes and prayers are with you, and i am sure you will do it all with a smile on your face and holding a textbook on your right hand. Maybe even a banner titled “I am it, whom you should all look upon with admiration”

    Thank you

    Ps: for anyone who didn’t get the joke please read again.

    in my humble opinion, what the hell do we get from bitching?

  29. ILuvYorkU

    Guys have you heard?? the strike might end earlier than expected, 3903 is back to the negotiating table and York has increased its offer. We could resume classes by next week! Yay!!

  30. ff

    Basil, I don’t know why you characterize everyone who supports the strike as lazy or incapable of staying on top of readings. All the full time faculty I spoke to support this strike whole heartedly and I doubt that they are concerned with staying on top of reading.
    The reason this isn’t a nation wide strike is because of how bargaining is set up. One of the key goals of this contract is to have it end in 2 years – which would coincide with more locals – facilitating a wider strike. This is very much about the state of education, and it begins with an administration that has not done enough to resist the ridiculous pressure and legislation that has come out of Queen’s park during the McGuinty years.

    I want this strike to come to an end quickly as well, in fact I wrote dozens of emails to the administration asking them to avert a strike in the first place. I however recognize the union’s right to strike, and I think that the posturing and finger pointing that is taking place on both sides is unhealthy and will only serve to prolong this situation.
    A lot of people said the CCF were being unreasonable when they said that health care should be free. Now we consider health care a right, and so does most of the developed world. It has to start somewhere. The trends in education are clear – pressure on research and fact-based findings, results based funding, doubling the number of spaces for grad students without increasing funding, contract faculty that are terminally without job security or benefits. I think the ‘unreasonable’ demands are a reflection of these new developments.

  31. Jimmy

    ILuvYorkU, where did you read about the negotiations? I cannot find any updates anywhere about a new offer either.

    Please let us know

  32. Basil El-Salviti

    ILuvYorkU, I too am interested in your source. Please let this community know of the source, as I am sure we would all benefit from knowing this information!

  33. Jimmy

    Just called the strike HQ number on their site. As of right now, negotiations have NOT restarted, and NO offer has been made. The post by ILuvYorkU has been a rumour.

    Call the strike line yourselves if you don’t believe me.

  34. Eric Blau

    Not fair to disrupt our year.

  35. quote ff:

    “I’m not saying it doesn’t stink for international students, but come on, they are ~5% of the population here – and since they can afford to pay international fees, most of the time they can afford the inconvenience. I don’t buy this argument. ”

    Woah……so because they are a minority and in general they are supposed to be rich because they can pay international fees … “who cares” about them?!?!

    Just because they pay the higher fees, doesn’t mean they are balling in cash. It might just be their families are working a trillion hours in a no paid OT environment, 60+ hr weeks and no job security environment so they can fund their kids and hope for a brighter future for them. Yet here…they can’t get that education because TA’s are complaining they are below the poverty line? If they are below the poverty line, they’d be sleeping on the streets.

    A Grad degree is not a JOB, so if you get PAID for it, it’s already amazing that you’re not paying to get the degree. You are NOT under the poverty line, you are paying a cost of time and effort in order to achieve a degree so that your resume is more credible for a job in the future that pays better than the poverty line quite significantly.

    So stop making york students suffer because you can’t drink your Skinny Latte from starbucks and you have to go for the Medium double double form Timmy’s instead.

    Once again, SO glad I’m not at york. I feel sorry for you undergrad folks. And for those who are glad they can catch up. Yes they might be the lazy ones but, damn lucky fucks too =)

  36. ff, if only 5% is a representation of international students and so “who cares”…

    chances are you’re one of those racist fks who also think that as long as the majority is happy, the world is a lovely place to be.

    Honestly…everyone who’s commenting on each other being selfish, or lazy, or how health care is a right and shoudl be free, education should be free…but noooooo the 5% international students, they can be swept aside because they already managed to pay the high fees, so that means they don’t need to have their fees lowered, they’re a rich bunch eh? Us Canadians are the ones that need a break, for everything, literally…You all complain too much.

    Strikes are a poison to societ, unions are a poison to your paychecks and international students are 5%, but they are students too.

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