Negotiations update Nov. 4th

The union bargaining team called another meeting for yesterday (Nov. 3rd). Apparently, the University did not come prepared to move at all on any of the union’s demands. It appears that we are, as of now, imminently heading towards a strike. The update suggests that the university is not going to initiate any further negotiation meetings with the union. 


It looks like we are heading towards a strike this Thursday! Let’s hope it is just long enough (week or so) to get some papers done.



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8 responses to “Negotiations update Nov. 4th

  1. You know, most of us students at York don’t want a strike. We’re paying your wages. I have a few thousand signatures for a class action lawsuit if you go on strike. So since you want to strike so badly, go right ahead. York isn’t the only people paying your wages, I am as well. You don’t deserve such a ridiculous raise. I have had to re-submit my test so many times to be re-marked by professors. I have gone from failing a test to getting a B+ because some idiot TA graded it. You strike, you lose. Class action lawsuit will be in the works.

  2. sam

    You don’t update enough.
    They’ve had some new info on the York site for hours now.
    Your slacking. 🙂

  3. sam

    Also… there is no time code. So I have no idea when during the day the information has been written. But I do appreciate that you’ve put this blog together, even though it seems like I’m complaining.
    I shall stop now.

  4. Rebecca Helena

    Honestly, as a Glendon student, I’m worried about this strike lasting too long. I made a point yesterday to tell one of the maintenance staff how important his job is to the campus and how we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him and people like him. I think both unions are in the right asking for wage and benefit increases and I’m not about to speak out against that just because I might be out of school for a little bit. The university is going to do everything humanly possible to make sure we finish out the year when we are supposed to (so they don’t have to give us any money back). It lasted for three months last time, mid-November to February 1st, and still they rectified the issue. So don’t worry your poor little hearts, all you who want to graduate next summer, and you who applied to law school (myself included)… you’ll still get to wear your gowns and caps. Meanwhile, our TAs and maintenance staff feel they have no worth in our eyes, as the janitor said “you’re a student, I’m just a janitor”… so take some time and remember to thank them for the job they are doing.

  5. yorkstrike2008

    Sorry Sam,

    I am an undergrad as well and I have ridiculous amounts of work to do right now. I know the York site has been updated. I largely made this blog so you guys could have somewhere to talk and bitch and complain.

    I would not mind a one week strike just to take some pressure off right now. November is always a brutal month but this year is really bad for some reason.

    From talking to both union and administration representatives it appears that it is not a question of if there will be a strike but for how long.

    Apparently UofT TA’s are bargaining and are in legal strike position as well so that has now complicated the picture because now York and UofT have to worry about each others precedent and the unions now don’t want to be the one who backed down. It is not looking good at all right now. The York administration is giving token offers to the union.

    I really hope this doesn’t mangle the year.

  6. Val

    Hey guys – do the math. What looks like a OUTLANDISH 30% increase is less than $200 per course per year… Part time CD’s make less than 2G’s a course, and the full timers make over 10,000G’s. Where is the equity in that?

    Do the math before you get all upset. You are buying into the University’s propaganda. Get informed… A fellow student 🙂

  7. Jenny

    hhmmm, as a little first year I really have no idea how these things work but I reading the York site and it said “Most Unit Teaching Assistants (TA’s) are currently guaranteed a minimum level of funding at a rate of $63.29 per hour.” Did I read that right? Are TAs actually making $63/ hour??
    How does that equate to “povetry” wages under ANY standards? How could they possibly be asking for more at the expense of our education?
    Please, if I’m reading this wrong please enlighten me but if not the TAs at York have zero sympathy from me!

  8. dasha

    Trevis, how can I get in on the class action lawsuit?

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