What about food for residents!

If there are picket lines will the food prep. staff be coming onto campus at York Lanes and the Student Centre etc? What about cleaning staff etc? This strike could get easily out of hand with starving and bored university students. I don’t even want to think of the calibre of parties that will be going down in residence buildings if there is a week (or more?) long strike. 


What do you guys think?



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4 responses to “What about food for residents!

  1. Cat

    Food prep staff will still be coming onto campus, although those who arrive after 7 will face significant delays.

    If you live on campus, you’ll still be able to enter and exit. I know that folks at Keele Campus can a bring a piece of ID and some mail with their campus address to 325 Student Centre between 10 and 6 tomorrow, and pick up a strike pass. I’m sure Glendon will have something similar; stop by the CUPE table and they should be able to tell you what’s up.

  2. yorkstrike2008

    Cool. Thanks for the info.

  3. Rebecca Helena

    How about non-renewable library books? Will they still be due on their due date if it falls during the middle of the strike?

  4. Justin

    Rebecca, that’s a good question. I’m wondering that myself if anybody knows. I know the library is still open but can they expect students to cross picket lines to return books?

    In terms of parties in residence, I think some people are over reacting. Many residents have already created a habit and it will take a lot more than a couple weeks to change that; keeping in mind that with the timing of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Thanksgiving and many students having Fridays off, the majority of residents had 6 days off (or more) twice this year already and the buildings didn’t burn down. On top of that many students will be using this as an opportunity to go home and many parents will pressure their children to come home precisely because they share the anxiety that comes with knowing their children are away from home with no class.

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