Tell York to Settle Now!

You guys can go here to let York know you want an agreement met.



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3 responses to “Tell York to Settle Now!

  1. How misleading.

    The title should be more like “Tell CUPE to settle now!”, since it is the administration who is reaching out and the union who is brushing away the hand.

  2. yorkstrike2008

    I think you should rethink the “reaching out” part. The union has made some serious concessions and the University has barely moved at all.

    You know how many professors there are out there that have been teaching for years and are making $60,000/annum or under!

  3. Rebecca Helena

    The York administration had nothing prepared for the meeting with the unions yesterday. They didn’t budge on their previous 9.25% three year offer… They are trying to make the TAs and janitorial staff look to be greedy villains, when in fact they are not. The TAs and janitorial staff feel that they have no value to the university at all and feel very detached from the school. Grad students are not even making enough money to live off of, and with tuition increases, nothing is being done to compensate them. Yes a recession is coming, and yes the university doesn’t have a lot of money, but according to a GCSU member, they have a long history of short-comings when it comes to allocating money fairly (for example, Keele clubs recieve millions of dollars in their budget, while Glendon receives a mere $50,000 for their club activities. My history club recieved $150 last year, in total, to do with what they pleased). York needs to realize that if these union members cannot make ends meet, the problem will be much much bigger than a simple strike. There are concessions that can be made by the school. Let’s hope they make them.

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